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Amenities and the Features of Avida Towers

1. Centralized Water Tank - A centralized water tank is incorporated in the designing and construction of the property that makes sure that clean water supply is made available to all the residents of Avida Tower. Unlike many other properties, the residents of Avida Tower face no issues regarding the supply and usage of water. The tank is located centrally makes sure that water is equally divided and distributed in all the units of the towers.

2. Adult Swimming Pool - The hot blazing summers begin and each one of us keeps looking for chances to just jump in the pool and have a refreshing feel but in the rushing world of today people hardly get time to relax and chill. Avida Towers offer a giant adult swimming pool for the residents to enjoy all the hot summer days and evenings with family and friends.

3. Kids Swimming Pool - While the adults get a chance to enjoy the swimming sessions in the giant pool the kids also are not disappointed while residing at Avida Towers. A pool for the kids is also available at Avida Towers. The kids get to enjoy the cool, refreshing water with their friends.

4. Clubhouse And Function Hall - A clubhouse along with a function hall is accommodated in Avida Towers. The residents of the property have the advantage of using these spacious halls for gatherings and parties. Hosting a party for family and friends at your own residential function hall is easy for the residents as one needn't spend innumerable days in order to hunt for a perfect location to host a party. The clubhouse, in addition, can also be used to hold meetings for the residents of the property to discuss anything of importance.

5. Kids Playing Area - A playing area is available at Avida Towers for the kids such that they have a spacious area to practice and play the various outdoor games.

6. Garden - A garden is a place where one can be surrounded by lush green surroundings and spend peaceful time. These sessions of the day are the ones that impart immense peace to the soul. Avida Tower understands the necessity and requirement of such a relaxing feel in such stressed lifestyle of a man. A beautifully crafted and maintained garden is accommodated in the Avida Tower.

7. A Guard House - Security is an important aspect in today's life where robbery and theft have been prevailing increasingly. A guard house, especially for the security of the residents, is incorporated in Avida Towers such that the security of the residents is taken care of. The entrance and the exit of the property are well guarded by professional security people who are dedicated towards well servings the people of Avida Towers.

8. Sewage Treatment Plant - A well-designed sewage treatment plant is incorporated in Avida Towers for the convenient living of its people.

9. Entrance Lobby - A spacious lobby is designed at the entrance of all the towers of the property. This lobby is extremely spacious and as an attraction accommodates a mailbox for each unit of the tower. These mailboxes are used to drop in all the incoming postal documents that the resident can find as per their convenient time. This keeps the privacy of the resident well maintained.

  • Adult & Kiddie Swimming Pool (200 capacity)
  • Clubhouse with Function Hall for 150 Guests
  • Children's Play Area
  • Garden Area (Maximized Green Area and Open Spaces)
  • Main Entry/ Exit Gate W/ Guard House (2 Lanes Each)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Centralized Cistern
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Experience convenience at its best at Avida Towers Riala. Unwind, dine and shop at cafes, restaurants and retail outlets, all located within the Avida Towers Riala complex. Enjoy a variety of activities, from the most laid-back to the most active. Live the complete life, enjoy the best the city has to offer and come home relaxed in this haven of open greens in the middle of the city.


Building Features

  • Main Lobby for Each Building (Min of 30 SQM)
  • Three (3) Elevator Units (Min. of 15-Pax Capacity Each)
  • Admin Room - Applicable in First Tower Only (Min of 20 SQM)
  • Utility Room (Min of 15 SQM)
  • Emergency Power
  • 100% on Safety; 50% on Common Areas
  • 1 Power Outlet, 1 Ref Outlet, & 1 Lighting Unit for Studio and 1-BR Units
  • 1 Power Outlet, 1 Ref Outlet, & 2 Lighting Units for 2-BR Unit
  • Garbage Chute
  • Fire Protection/ Fire Alarm System
  • Mailbox Per Unit Located at the Lobby
  • Units are Electricity, Telephone, Cable Television & Internet Ready
  • Transformer Vault & Genset Room to be Located at the Ground Floor Level
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