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The Cebu I.T. Park is an integrated, master-planned, mixed-use community developed by Ayala Land-affiliate, Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corp. It is part of the larger Cebu Park District, which plays host to many of the region's corporate headquarters, business and IT/BPO offices, and commercial and retail centers. Experience the convenience of integrated living. Avida Towers Riala is redefining condo living in Cebu by putting you right in the city's most dynamic lifestyle district.

Avida Towers Riala Location

The Convenient Location of Avida Towers

Avida Towers is located in the commercial area of Asia IT Park which is one of the well-developed commercial zones of the region in the Cebu City. The location of the property is such that any and every necessity or luxury that one desire and demands. From retail counters to giant and luxurious shopping malls all the shopping facilities are available at nearby distances while staying at Avida Towers. Universities and schools are also not far from the reach of the Avida Tower's residents making it easy for the kids and the youth to reach the educational centers saving a lot of their time that can be used to invest elsewhere. With such essentials and features incorporated in the advantage list of Avida Towers Riala, one gets a heavenly home at affordable prices that would make your relatives and friends drop their jaws when they come across your newly chosen heavenly home.

Nearby Located Essential Attractions of Avida Towers

1. Corporate Offices - Several corporate offices are located well within easy reach of Avida Towers making the location a perfect settlement within the commercial region. One who wishes to purchase a unit close to these commercial centers can very well invest his/her savings in the property. Location of a property extremely close to the corporate region also increases the value of the property.

2. Corporate Headquarters - A lot of corporate headquarters are located near Avida Towers making it a property that is capable of giving heavy returns in the near future. Therefore, for the ones looking for a property solely to invest their savings in Avida Towers is an ideal pick.

3. International Port Of Cebu - Avida Towers is located in extreme closeness to the International Port of Cebu. A huge amount of import-export business is carried from this international port. Only in a duration of fifteen minutes the port can be reached from the property. The international port is of extreme importance in the commercial sector and the nearby located properties are for sure to benefit from the same. This makes Avida Towers a majorly valuable property for investment.

4. Mactan Airport - Having an airport nearby makes commutation easy for the people residing in the nearby located properties. Mactan International Airport is just thirty minutes away from Avida Towers making it immensely convenient for the residents to travel from one place to another.

5. Retail Centers - Avida Towers have a lot of retail counters located nearby which offer the daily essentials of life well within the reach of the residents of the property. One can easily get to these retail counters within just a few minutes and get the required commodities home with absolutely no inconvenience at all.

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